What We All Can Learn About LOVE From Twin Flames - Part 3 of 4

Even if you are not a twin flame, I highly encourage you to read this article because we all ache for love and companionship at one time or another. There is a deep human need to feel connected, valued, safe and loved. From the moment that we are born, we experience separation from our mother and from our creator. Believe it or not, this is one of the reasons that we spend so much time yearning for union with the love of our lives in order to experience the comfort of ONENESS once again.

When twin flames run from each other, they are often running from the dark parts of themselves that they don’t want to face. Photography by Paul Garrett

When twin flames run from each other, they are often running from the dark parts of themselves that they don’t want to face. Photography by Paul Garrett

What is the Point of the Twin Flame Journey?

The twin flame journey is all about burning away everything that no longer serves your highest greatest good. It forces you to look in the mirror and see all of your scars and shadows, the things that you don’t like about yourself, to learn from your wounds, to release past karma and to finally heal yourself. This is a purification process that can be very scary and lonely at the same time, and yet if you are on this path you will experience the most rapid spiritual growth of your life.

At its core, the twin flame journey is about coming into union with yourself. This is the most important relationship in your life. As you feel the painful discomfort of your separation from your twin, you will be forced to journey within yourself for the answers to your fears and the roots of your emotional pain. In the midst of this process you will find yourself, who you truly are, what you want out of life and you will also receive your life’s mission. Ultimately you will learn to LOVE and appreciate yourself unconditionally. As painful as this is, you will gain inner strength and step into your personal power. This is a strangely beautiful process and without the pain of your twin flame separation to push you through the fire, you would never have done this work on your own.

Twin Flame Separation

So what is twin flame separation? Let’s back up a bit. Twin flames pass through eight stages along their journey in order to finally harmonize and become ONE once again with each other. When twins first meet it is HEAVEN on EARTH! All of their senses are completely amplified by one another in the most beautiful of ways. There is an immediate recognition between their souls that goes far beyond what is experience between soul mates. After all, twin flames are two halves of the same soul in two bodies, and when they reunite it feels like they are finally HOME. Twin flames also experience over the top ecstasy while having sex and it’s not uncommon for them to ask one another if they have ever felt this amazing before. Another hallmark of twins uniting is that it is common for them to experience telepathy with one another and a heightening of their intuition. They know each other’s thoughts and they can even tell when their beloved has woken up from thousands of miles away. Furthermore, they meet in each others dreams and may also experience a powerful awakening of their kundalini, which activates their chakras. This stage is known as the bubble period. Both twins show up in the 5th dimension versus the normal 3D world that most people experience and get a sneak peak of what life will be like together after they have pass through all 8 stages of this journey.

The Crisis

The next stage is called the crisis. This is a major flash point that causes overwhelm for one of the twins and triggers the runner and the chaser stage. During this difficult phase one of the twins runs from the relationship as fears arise that this is all too good to be true, among other reasons. They just disappear and may even block their twin on social media and on their phone. As a result the other twin becomes the chaser. This is a very painful moment for the the chaser as it ignites their worst fears, those of abandonment and also of losing the greatest relationship that they have ever and will ever experience. The scary thing for the chaser is when their twin represses the incredible memories of their bubble period as he/she spirals downward into a lower vibration that the chaser can no longer tune into. At this point they feel the illusion of separateness even though twin flames are always energetically connected. This is when the telepathy ceases and the fear of never seeing their twin again creates great sadness and anxiety. What’s worse is that the runner may temporarily seek comfort within another karmic relationship because it matches the low vibrational frequency of their fears and the co-dependant patterns of their past relationships. Past patterns can feel familiar, but that doesn’t mean that they good for us. In fact, if the runner is honest with themselves they will realize that this is a step backwards and that they are jeopardizing the love that they have always dreamed of having. Not only have they run away from the other half of their soul, they have also run away from their twin flame mission, which is key to their life’s purpose and fulfillment.

Both twins at this stage of separation must learn to love themselves and cast out their fears. As they heal and raise their vibration they begin to remember the beauty of their relationship when they were in the bubble phase. A return to love raises their collective vibration, helps them to dissolve their egos, moves them forgive one another and eventually draws them back into union. After all, twins are here to raise the vibration of the planet and to help humanity heal. This is their destiny!

The Twin Flame Journey is a process of Awakening. “Reunion” by Ayla. Please Visit her Instagram at    @aylabkyoga

The Twin Flame Journey is a process of Awakening. “Reunion” by Ayla. Please Visit her Instagram at @aylabkyoga

So What Can We Learn About Love From Twin Flames?

Twin flames teach us the power of self love and the importance of investing in ourselves so that we can be all that we were born to become. They also show us the beauty of a fully awakened and loving union. Some say that a great relationship is a 50/50 proposition when in reality twin flames show us that the happiest couples both bring 100% of themselves to the relationship. Imagine being complete on your own and the same being true for your partner. As two wholes there is no co-dependency, no fear of abandonment and other bad habits that become a drag on most relationships. Imagine if you were able to vanished all of your fears of separation and abandonment how much easier it would be for you to completely open your heart and fully love your partner. Imagine an unconditional love that lifts you up and encourages your personal and spiritual growth. Imagine unbridled sacred sex that ignites every atom in your body and sends you into nirvana! Twin flames are complete on their own, but together they create heaven on earth.

8 Twin Flame Stages

  1. Longing for your one true love.

  2. Meeting your twin. This can happen from thousands of miles away on social media.

  3. The bubble or fairytale stage - coming together and experiencing heaven on earth.

  4. The crisis - Something happens that triggers the twins to separate.

  5. The runner/chaser - one twin becomes overwhelmed runs away.

  6. Surrender - both twins surrender their egos, transmute their fears and heal.

  7. Reconciliation - The twins are drawn back to each other as they raise their vibration. They forgive each other and themselves realizing that everything that happened between them was essential for their healing journey.

  8. Harmonization and reunion - The twins reunite and once again experience heaven on earth as they were promised in the bubble stage. Together they pursue their twin flame mission to help humanity and make the world a better place. True love prevails.

You don’t have to be a twin flame to experience heaven on earth. You just have to do your self work, to lean to love yourself, to heal yourself, to discover your mission, to open your heart and to pursue your passion and your mission without hesitation. This will attract your soul mate, your life partner or your twin flame because your energy and your confidence will become irresistible to the person who was made for you. This takes work, courage and dedication to overcome all of the obstacles along your journey. But, remember that you are worth it and your dedication will pay off. After all, LOVE is your destiny!

Sending you love and light during this season of thanksgiving!

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In the next blog I will give you tools to help you envision and attract your soul mate or twin flame.

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