F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself)


When we live from a place of love, all things are possible. Fear and love are polar opposites. Fear holds us back and love propels us forward. Shame, divorce, violence and obesity are just a few of our society’s massive problems, most of which can be overcome through self study. We must know, love and understand ourselves before we can fully love, fully be loved and fully reach our greatest potential. So come along on a Total Soulful journey and F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) with me where we will soar to a higher level toward our dreams and missions in life. 

I enjoy THE inspiration That I gain from sights like Muses From A mYstic on Pinterest 

I enjoy THE inspiration That I gain from sights like Muses From A mYstic on Pinterest 

We are told from a young age to be or act a certain way. There are expectations that weigh heavily on us. For example, Lewis Howes wrote an amazing book called "The Mask of Masculinity" (you can get this book thru my website) where he explains that men are taught from an early age that they are not supposed to cry or show weak emotions. Instead, they are supposed to succeed, support their family and be athletic. When this does not happen, they feel ashamed. The same goes for women. We as women are raised to be givers, raise a family and act a certain way. What if having children is not your thing, or you are unable to bare children? This can be devastating to many parents, but even more so to the daughter who has to fear their disappointment. Heavy expectations often place an unbearable burden upon us and eat away at our self worth. They also raise one of our biggest fears that we might be unloveable or lose the love of others. 

WE need to become aware of the way that we raise our children and the way that we view ourselves. It all starts with getting to know who we truly are, what passions ignite our souls, and how to listen to and respect our intuition (or gut feelings). In doing so it becomes easier to accept the challenges and the curve balls that life throws our way. After all, it is often through adversity that we are tested and guided toward our true destiny. You see, we have many choices. The greatest is whether we push through our fears and reach our highest heights, or whether we remain stuck and afraid. Take off the masks and love yourself in order to reach your full potential. Stop listening to the voices that told you who you should be and start listening to your authentic voice. It will lead you to your greatest calling.

I love myself and my children. we have so much fun connecting together in Nature.

I love myself and my children. we have so much fun connecting together in Nature.

It was through my darkest hours dealing with domestic abuse that I truly learned how to love myself. When I realize that I could no longer lean on and trust the person I felt closest to, my husband, I learned to rely upon myself. It was during that painful time that I found yoga, which helped me develop a deeper level of self awareness. Out of this I developed my own yoga philosophy that I now use daily, which is awareness, acceptance and forgiveness.  Thanks to these three transformative pillars, I learned to love and accept myself, and forgive my past so that I could move forward with grace. As a result, I no longer live with the fear that once held me back.

When we live a love based life, we are able to conquer fear, push past obstacles and move forward toward our dreams and goals. Through self awareness and self love we can find our purpose which naturally calls us to become better every day. Self love also helps us to accept every situation for what it is. In a love based world we are better able to practice "the pause" and respond rather than react. What does that mean? In a fear based world we are more defensive and likely fly off the handle and scream and shout at someone in a heated situation, but in a love based world we have no need to be so reactive. Instead we are able to pause and to breathe. When we love and accept ourselves, there is no reason to fear and hate. So, we are able to respond in a calm and more sensible manner. We are able to forgive ourselves and others and move forward without drama. With love our stress melts away and we move toward ultimate bliss, which is called enlightenment. In my opinion one of the biggest secrets to living a happy and fulfilling life is to learn how to love yourself first!

Lousie Hay was a pioneer in teaching people the value of self love and acceptance. Take a moment to watch this short video.

As I previously mentioned, you cannot fully be loved, love others or find lasting success until you love yourself. So, start today. Look in the mirror every morning and say, “I love YOU” to yourself out loud. You might not even believe it at first, but in time you will. Then repeat the “I AM” mantra.  “I AM” are two of the most powerful words because what you put after them is what you believe about yourself.  So repeat after me, 

I am wise

I am strong

I am beautiful

I am love

I am _____________ (you fill in the blank)

Journey within and never be afraid to spend time alone with yourSELF.

Journey within and never be afraid to spend time alone with yourSELF.

By saying "I love you" to yourself in front of a mirror and by reciting the "I am" mantra on a daily basis, your subconscious mind will start to believe these words. As they sink in you will actually begin to feel love toward yourself and your confidence will spiral upward. When you build your life upon a foundation of love, everything gets better. I believe deeply in this powerful philosophy. I think that it also helps to combine it with some form of physical activity. I of course recommend yoga, and meditation. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people is also very helpful, but you CAN do this all on your own. If you need extra support, you can always reach out to this supportive community!

With Abundant Love,

Libby McAvoy

P.S. - Once you start loving yourself you start to notice improvements in all areas of your life. Sleep patterns will improve, eating habits will improve, you will become more mindful of your speech and kindness, and suddenly you will attract all sorts of abundance into your life. Dream big friends, but start with loving and accepting yourself!

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Top Ten Tips for Transforming Your Life

  1. Start now with what you have
  2. F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself)
  3. Listen to your Intuition
  4. Deepen your awareness
  5. Forgive yourself, and then others (do not hold grudges)
  6. Accept what you cannot change without judgement
  7. Take the masks off and be authentic (vulnerability is a good thing)
  8. Let go of what no longer serves your highest good
  9. Practice gratitude
  10. Trust the Universe


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