How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Last week I was going to write a touching tribute to my mom in honor of her 85th birthday and then I was hit with a serious case of writer’s block. I value your time and the last thing that I ever want to do is to force a blog that lacks heart and soul just to make a self imposed deadline. I have to admit that I was so content after returning from a wonderful time at my first yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico that I wasn’t able to focus my mind on writing. I was also distracted by the fact that I had thousands of new photos to review and edit. Having been away from my writing routine, the reality was that I was out of practice and unable to find my creative groove. So let me share with you my process and tips for overcoming creative blocks and getting back into a state of flow.

Relax your mind to unlock your creativity. Photo of Aileen Day by Paul Garrett

Relax your mind to unlock your creativity. Photo of Aileen Day by Paul Garrett

5 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

  1. When you are hit with writer’s block step away from your computer or pad of paper, clear your mind and see if another topic is speaking louder to you. I know from my experience that if I try to force a subject, I risk not sounding authentic. The last thing that I want is for my writing to come off as cliche and shallow, as well. My best writing takes place when a topic speaks so clearly to me that it practically writes itself. .

  2. Research your topic. See what other people have to say about it and then bring your personal views and experiences to it. Not only can you learn from others, but they can also be a great source of inspiration and help you overcome your writer’s block. YouTube videos, articles and blogs can awaken your imagination and rekindle your motivation to write.

  3. Brainstorm with friends, family and colleagues. I rarely experienced writer’s block last year when I was collaborating with Libby. If either of us got stuck, we would call each other and look at all of the possibilities together. This was so helpful and it also made writing much more satisfying and fun!

  4. Simplify the writing process by writing down five points that are relevant to your topic. Each of these points will give you a framework from which you can expand your thinking.

  5. Pick a time of the day when you feel the most productive and set an atmosphere for your creativity. Put distractions, such as smart phones, out of sight and consider playing music to help you relax and focus.

My brightest ideas seem to flow from above. Photo of Danica Johnson by Paul Garrett

My brightest ideas seem to flow from above. Photo of Danica Johnson by Paul Garrett

The Importance of Developing Good Writing Habits

Writer’s block is normal and if you are a blogger, it’s a good idea to keep a list of topics that you can write about in the future. Storing up for a rainy day while your creative juices are flowing is an excellent way to assure that you won’t be completely stuck the next time that you need to write an article.

Writing is like anything else in life. The more that you do it, the easier that it becomes. Creating good writing habits will help you get into the creative writing mode where ideas flow from your finger tips to your keyboard with ease. And remember whenever you become creatively blocked to be gentle on yourself. Self created stress can interfere with your creativity and deepen your writer’s block. When you are blocked go for a walk in nature, go on a run, or take a bath. These activities will help you to relax and clear your mind.

Someday I’ll tell you all about my wonderful mom, but today I am ecstatic that I have regained my writing mojo and gotten back in the grove. It feels really good to be back and I thank you all for your patience while I’ve been away from this blog.

Wishing you a creative week!

Creatively yours,


P.S. - I’m super stoked to share with you that I just bought new gear for my video production business. This summer I will be producing video content for Total Soulful Journey with some very inspiring people. Stay tuned!!

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