Are You Feeling Symptoms From the Geomatic Energy That is Hitting Earth?

Physical Symptoms Caused by Geomagnetic Storms

The earth has been experiencing an ongoing series of unusually strong electromagnetic storms this year and they are not coming from our sun. Where they are coming from is not really known, however, this energy is having an impact upon some people in the forms of headaches, irritability, restless sleep, dizziness, flu like symptoms, ringing in the ears and being unusually tired. If you have been reading my blog this year you may recall that I had flu like symptoms for three days around January 17. On that date the earth was hit all day long by strong electromagnetic storm, which may have been the source of my symptoms.

Morgan Zion photographed by Paul Garrett

Morgan Zion photographed by Paul Garrett

The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance is the frequency of the earth’s atmosphere and it is primarily generated by lightening. This frequency is considered to be around 7.38 Hz, which is similar to the wavelength of human thoughts within our brains. As a result, our wellbeing is connected to this energy and a change in this frequency can have an impact upon us and even cause depression. These geomagnetic storms are of a higher frequency and they are causing the Schumann Resonance to fluctuate up and down.

A Time to Eat Healthy

We do not know what long term impacts these cosmic geomagnetic storms will have upon humanity apart from the symptoms that I mentioned earlier. From the research that I have been doing, however, this is an important time for to drink lots of water and eat a mostly plant based diet to help your bodiy handle and adjust to the higher frequency energy that is hitting us.

Have you been feeling any of the symptoms that are being associated with these cosmic energies? Leave a comment below or connect with me on Instagram at @totalsoulfuljourney. I’d love to hear from you!

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