Redefining the Meaning of Success in 2019

What is Success?

Tony Robbins believes that “that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” For the past century success in the western world has been defined primarily by external factors such as job titles, how much money we make, how big our house is or what kind of car we drive. The pursuit of status and power has driven so many to trade their health and peace of mind for perceived wealth, not realizing that health itself is the true wealth. The reality is that there are a lot of millionaires who are depressed. They possess tons of money and expensive things and yet true fulfillment and peace still allude them.

Success is different for every person. Do what fulfills you. - Photography by Paul Garrett

Success is different for every person. Do what fulfills you. - Photography by Paul Garrett

So many people are now waking up to to the fact that the old formula for success does not work for them. This is the old map to success that made us believe that if we got straight A’s in school, majored in accounting, engineering, law, business or medicine and worked hard in these fields, that we would become a success and be able to own the big house and drive fancy cars that would prove that we were successful. This is all fine if your purpose in life is to go into these important fields, but for the majority of people who were not born to excel in these professions, the struggle to become who they aren’t will surely keep fulfillment beyond their grasp.

The New Definition of Success

The new definition of success awakens us to the realization that “success” is different for each and everyone of us according to the calling of our souls. Once again, in my humble opinion, we all have a purpose here on earth. A divine mission that is unique to each of us and our God given talents that are designed to make the world a better place. Once we align with our souls and follow our paths, life becomes more fulfilling and we begin to appreciate every little success along the path to our destiny. No longer do we hustle and grind doing jobs that we do not love. Instead, we let the Universe guide us as it provides us with the people and the resources that we will need to successfully live our purpose.

Follow your bliss and be true to the calling of your soul. - Photography by Paul Garrett

Follow your bliss and be true to the calling of your soul. - Photography by Paul Garrett

9 Keys to Personal Success

  1. Align with your divine purpose.

  2. Do work that is meaningful to you and makes you excited to get out of bed every Monday morning.

  3. Use your gifts to be of service to others.

  4. Nourish your mind. Learn something new everyday.

  5. Nourish your body. Eat well and exercise.

  6. Nourish your soul. Meditate and create a spiritual practice.

  7. Love yourself first. Self love is the foundation for your self esteem (watch the inspiring video below).

  8. Love unconditionally

  9. Always honor yourself. Do not allow others to pressure you to do things that do not align with your integrity and the calling of your soul.

I too grew up with the same pressures of our culture to be a certain way. It wasn’t always easy as a “right brain” kid living in a world that puts so much value on “left brain” occupations and ego driven pursuits. Sometimes it made me wonder if I was good enough to succeed until I stepped out of the rat race and found my calling through self study, self mastery, and most of all, by connecting with my spirit. Until I found myself, my self esteem was at the wim and the mercy of others.

The World is Waking Up

Now the world is waking up to the realization that having a life of meaning is more fulfilling than a hectic life driven by the sole quest for material comforts and status. Hustle and grind are being replace with the understanding that we can also manifest abundance by slowing down to align with the calling of our souls. In fact, it is in the silent moments where we are most apt to connect with our spirit and discover our purpose. That is one of the reasons why meditation is so important.

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Success is meaningless if we don’t feel fulfilled. So if you are still caught in the hamster wheel of life, do yourself a favor and jump off of it. It’s never too late to do what you have always wanted to do, and in the end you will thank yourself for having the courage to finally live the life of your dreams. This is your life. Live it without regrets!

Wishing you true success, love and happiness,


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