What If Your Life Was A Living Prayer

What if your life was a living prayer? And what does that mean? Do you pray, but feel like your prayers are never answered? I’ve heard some people who have been through hard times say that they have stopped praying because their prayers are never answered. Remember that we create our own reality. Our belief that our prayers are never answered becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Without having faith and acting as if our prayers have already been answered, we pretty much run the risk of undermining our prayers through our doubts, which then create low vibrations that do not align with what we want (everything is energy).

Prayer requires faith. Faith involves surrender. So Let go and let God. - Photography by Paul Garrett

Prayer requires faith. Faith involves surrender. So Let go and let God. - Photography by Paul Garrett

If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you know some of the difficult things that I have been through in my life, such as my divorce, bumpy relationships and the loss of my parents. Instead of crushing me or making me bitter, these obstacles have made me stronger, but I had to decide to take the high road and not fall into low vibration and self pity. Having healed my wounds and learned how the Universe works, my faith has since deepened and my prayers are answered.

Things That Block Our Prayers From Being Answered

Doubt, ego, pride, lies, hurts and bitterness keep us separated from Spirit. However, when we surrender these burdens and allow God to work in our lives, everything changes. I have personally seen miracles and have witnessed super natural experiences that have shown me that that my prayers will manifest when I let go of trying to control the outcome and truly believe that they will be answered at the right time (divine timing). This is how the Universe works (Law of Attraction). Align with your soul and you will align with Spirit. What is meant for you will be yours and what is not meant for you will pass you by as a blessing.

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The Importance Of Aligning With Our Prayers

It’s not as hard as we think it is to manifest our prayers once we align with our divine calling and choose to live authentically. We are all born from LOVE and we each carry a spark of the divine within our souls. But to be authentic we have to align our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions so that they become one. When we do this there are no contradictions in the energetic fields of our prayers that could otherwise block them from being answered (thoughts have vibrations). Please watch the following video to better understand this concept.

Love yourself and know that the Universe has great plans for you as soon as you let go, let God, align and believe. Live your life as a living prayer by walking in faith as if your prayers have already been answered. Truly believe and you will begin to see miracles and manifestations that will amaze you, and fill your heart with peace, love and joy.

Wishing you a prayerful day!


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