From Mindfulness to Awakening to Higher Consciousness

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that helps us to calm our minds, focus our thoughts and anchor ourselves in the present. By being aware of being aware we are able to live our lives with intention, focus our energy on what really matters to us and let go of what no longer serves our greatest good. This means that we become aware of the unconscious programming that has controlled our thoughts and our behaviors, and awaken to the realization that we no longer have to be rule by it.

Two highly effective ways to make the unconscious conscious is through meditation and journaling. They are especially effective if you do them first thing in the morning before your mind is filled with your to do list for the day. To learn how to meditate, check out Libby’s previous post called, “The Powerful Benefits of Meditation and How to Get Started.” Journaling is also an excellent way to record your thoughts and focus your vision on what you want to achieve. As you gain control over your thoughts, you will become more conscious. Through self examination you will awaken within and gain vital self knowledge answering the all important questions of who you are and what your purpose is in life. 

Photography by Paul Garrett

Photography by Paul Garrett

People are naturally resistant to change, so most awakenings occur when their view of reality is shattered by a devastating event such as a life threatening accident or illness. Another example is if their spouse or partner unexpectedly abandons them and they find out that they were living a secret life. These are what I call personal awakenings and they make one question everything as they try to escape the emotional pain and fear that shattered the life that they once knew. These moments suck, but don’t resist them. Resistance leads to more pain and slows down the healing process. As soon as you can forgive, and accept what has happened, you can move forward once again and write a new and better chapter in your life. This happened to me during my divorce. As soon as I quit resisting what was happening, I was able to focus my energy upon my personal growth, which in turn awakened me to my new purpose and mission in life.

Photography by Paul Garrett

Photography by Paul Garrett

In addition to personal awakenings, we can also awaken collectively as a society. This is currently under way in what is being called by some, “The Great Awakening.” If you feel tension in the air and a sense of foreboding, chances are that you are ready to be awakened. This concept was explored in the movie, “The Matrix.” Click here to see the famous Red Pill - Blue Pill scene and you will see why the term “Red Pilled” is now being used to describe a person who has been awaken by an alternative truth.

Perhaps you have seen Brandon Straka’s video that is currently going viral all over social media called the, “#WalkAway Campaign”? If not you can watch it below. This thought provoking video is the result of Brandon’s awakening regarding politics in the USA. Thanks to this campaign many others have been inspired to join this peaceful movement to counter the lies, the hate, the anger and the fear that is causing so much division in the United States. The beauty of this campaign is that it encourages people to respect and honor one another’s right to their opinions and to do their own research. It is also a message of love, compassion and peace. Once we awaken to the truth, we can cut through the deceptions that lead us astray and create a better world.

Awakenings are designed to raise our consciousness by destroying our illusions in order to prepare us for a more expansive future. The act of awakening can be shocking at first and cause a person to go through the five stages of grief. This can be both scary and isolating, so give yourself time to process your grief. Do research, empower yourself with knowledge and find people who are already awakened who can help you understand what you are going through. Remember that awakenings provide us with an opportunity to grow and expand our consciousness. You will struggle at times as you create a new world view and that’s OK. Be mindful that it is often through our struggles that we deepen our faith, discover how strong we are and find our purpose in life.

Feel free to DM us on Instagram if you are struggling with your own personal awakening. Both Libby and I have been through several and we are happy to offer you hope and understanding without judgement.

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