Do Not Judge A Book By its Cover

Judgement from Appearances

Why is it that we tend to judge by appearance before we even know a person or the kind of day they are having? There are outward behaviors that tell us a little about a person on the surface such as cleanliness, being on time/early/late and mood or verbal expression. 

But the truth is that anyone can run late occasionally due to circumstances that are out of their control. Everyone can have a bad day where they might come across short or withdrawn. That does not define who we are. Instead, if we are having a bad day or running late we must learn to think of others who we are affecting and notify them the we are running behind so that they can use their time effectively. The same thing goes if you are on the receiving end of someone else having a bad day, a little compliment or smile might improve or even turn their day around. Practicing awareness is critical. 

Photo by Paul Garrett

Photo by Paul Garrett

Exchange Judgement for Acceptance

What if we simply changed our personal attitudes? If someone is consistently late, place boundaries and let them know with respect that your time is valuable. If someone seems short or negative, consider extending a compliment or offer to lend them a hand. Random small acts of kindness go a long way in creating a happier healthier world. Kindness and compassion are one and the same. We need to be more empathetic to the world around us instead of being in a rush and missing perhaps one of the most important things, people’s feelings. How you make a person or an animal feel says a lot about your character.

We all have days that are better than others. We all experience fear, sadness, happiness, anger, and mistakes. We have the power to drag others down, or lift them up creating an upward spiral. Our positive energy helps others, where negativity hurts them. Be aware of your energy and how it impacts other people. 

Animal Instinct to Compete

Humans are much like other animals. We have a natural instinct to live competitively and to defend our territory. We strive to get ahead. Animals, however, compete simply to stay alive. Human abundance comes when we lift others up, give more and love with acceptance. Scarcity is merely a false belief in our infinite universe and therefore we have nothing to fear. Our only competition is with who we were the day before. In other words wake up each day, show up and try to be the best version of yourself! On negative days, surround yourself with loving, positive and supportive people and allow that to raise your vibration. 

Tucker is not your ordinary lap dog... 

Tucker is not your ordinary lap dog... 

Even my dog/puppy gets judged on his outward appearance. Tucker is a Bernese Mountain dog puppy. He is nearly a year old  and he already weighs in at a hefty 100 pounds. People expect him to be calm and gentle, which is characteristic for his breed. But the truth is that he is like an energetic little puppy trapped inside of a big dog's body. We laugh because Tucker is terrified of big dogs even though he is bigger than many of them. My daughter took him to a dog park recently and he wanted to play with small breeds and puppies. Ironically they were terrified of him. I am sure that's because of his size. 

Humans are no different than Tucker at the end of the day. The “fat kid” in school has the same feelings as the other kids and wants to play, but often gets bullied and left out. And then there's the dentist or doctor who is completely well off, but wears his dirty sweatshirt and ripped pants to the hardware store in the middle of an outdoor project and does not receive the good service that he thinks he deserves. Why? Because we sadly judge others on outward appearances.

"What did I do this time?" - Tucker

"What did I do this time?" - Tucker

Change Your Mindset, Change the Energy

Why are we so naturally moved by negativity? Think about the fact that businesses hear complaints far more often than they hear compliments. Unfortunately humans are much more prone to gossiping about bad things than good things… Let's raise the energy everyone! The Universe responds to positive energy with positive outcomes. Let’s practice awareness of our actions, acceptance of our peers and those we come across, and forgive both ourselves and others. 

We are all connected to each other. This oneness is known as Unity and the sooner that we realize this and accept it, the sooner the world will become a happier place by reducing stress, fear, and competition, and by promoting happiness and bliss. So the next time that you make a snap judgement about another person, pause and consider what they may be going through at that moment. In doing so you have the power to respond in a manner that brightens another person's day. Let's spread good vibes and lift each other up!

Peace & Love,


P.S. - Please join our monthly online bookclub by reading our April pick of "The Untethered Soul", by Michael A. Singer. It is a wonderful book that ties in nicely with this blog post because it is a story of growing conscious awareness, letting go of fear and fear of change, and learning who we really are in order to reach our goals. We will review this book on this blog at the end of the month. 

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