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What holds us back from accomplishing all of our dreams? In most cases it is simply the confines of our own minds, which are too often ruled by fear. There is the fear of failure and the fear of getting hurt, but the biggest innate one for us subconciously is the fear of death. Let's face it, fear of the unknown comes with the thought of death. Where will our spirit go? Will we go to heaven or hell? What is heaven really like anyway? Have you ever found yourself asking these or similar questions? Death is truly a part of life. After all the only thing that we know for certain is that someday we will die. 

Photography By Libby McAvoy

Photography By Libby McAvoy

As I sit on my airplane looking out the window at the fluffy beautiful clouds I am reminded of wondering as a child what it would be like to hop playfully from one cloud to the next. I clearly remember pondering how much I would sink in or if I would fall through the bottom of the clouds. These inquisitive thoughts are symbollic because I pictured myself going to heaven after death on earth. I thought that is what it would be like; I woud just live “up there.” As an adult I realize that clouds are impervious or unaffected by us. I have even driven right through them in the mountains of Tennessee. So, what does that mean? I guess I will never get to bounce on them, they have no soft fluffy texture that I once thought. 

The mind is powerful. Things are not always as they seem. The most important thing we can do is to think positively and attract positive outcomes. When we live in fear we are not making the most of this beautiful life we have been given. Yes, we will die someday, but many of us are never fully living to begin with because of fears that hold us back. Go after your dreams, believe that you deserve happiness because you do. Make the most of everyday and ask yourself the folloing questions:

  1. Who am I? (try to avoid titles and think deeply)
  2. What do I really control?
  3. What can I say no to to make more time for things I want to try?
  4. What do I desire most?

Photography by Libby McAvoy

I am currently reading "The Daily Stoic Journal", which encourages daily journaling. Each day the book poses a new question and I am guided to focus my awareness on that particular thought and then write about it. It is amazing how much clarity this process is bringing me. It is helping me understand myself better. We are each unique beings, but at our core we are all the same meaning we are divine beings, yes all of us. No one is bad we just make poor decisions sometimes, some more than others. So I no longer believe in heaven or hell. I do not know where our souls go when our bodies perish, but I am letting go of fear. I am changing the direction of my thoughts to start living each day. I am letting go.

Feeling like a road warrior (warrior two pose) in Kentucky.

Let go and simply live, love and laugh. Yes, we might get hurt, but we might not. We never know unless we try. So, have faith and stick with positive thoughts! As Paul so eloquently wrote about dealing with uncertainties in life in his last blog, embrace those uncertainties and allow life to bring you beautiful surprises. 

Peace and Light,


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