How to Overcome Fear

“Fear exhausts life energy.” This is a message that jumped out at me on my morning walk today while listening to the “Insights & Perspectives” podcast by Joseph Rodrigues. Think about how worn down you feel when you are enveloped and overcome by fear in your daily life… Fear is designed to protect us from imminent threats and dangers, however, in our often hectic modern world most of us suffer from a certain level of anxiety that stems from fear. Over time being in this state of fight or flight wears us down and robs us of our “life energy.”

Mt. Rainier - Photography by Paul Garrett

Mt. Rainier - Photography by Paul Garrett

The Top Six Fears By Napoleon Hill

According to Napoleon Hill in his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich,” there are six main fears that create obstacles in our lives that block us from living our life’s purpose if we do not overcome them. 

These fears are:

  1. The Fear of Poverty - Unless you are born with riches, chances are that you have dealt with financial stress in your life wondering how you are going to pay your bills on time. Underlying this is the fear of never getting ahead, or worse yet, one day becoming truly broke and homeless. This is a scarcity mindset that keeps us from ever making the money that we desire to have. In order to attract riches we must overcome the fear of poverty and develop a mindset that attracts abundance.

  2. The Fear of Criticism - According to Napoleon Hill, this fear “robs people of their initiative, destroys their power of imagination, limits their individuality, takes away their self-reliance, and does them damage in a hundred other ways.” As you may know from my earlier blogs, I grew up in a house where there was a lot of teasing that took place. This made me very shy of criticism and ultimately turned me into a perfectionist. For many like myself, unpleasant events in childhood have held us back from standing out and excelling in life.

  3. The Fear of Ill Health - What we fear will often manifest in our lives and this is also true with illnesses. This is what Dr. Bruce Lipton calls the “biology of belief.” Our minds have a huge impact over the state of our bodies and it is very important to think positively about your health and to develop habits that keep you healthy. Hill says that we fear ill health “because of the suffering that it causes…”

  4. The Fear of Loss of Love - According to Hill, “The fear of the loss of love of someone is the most painful of all the sIx basic fears.” If you have ever had your heartbroken you can understand why. It can be both emotionally and physically painful. This is why it is important to not only learn how to love yourself, but also spend time living on your own to develop the kind of self reliance and confidence that removes your fear of losing love. The romantic love that we often see in movies makes us believe that we need another person to complete us, when in reality the healthiest relationships happen when both people understand that they are already complete on their own.

  5. The Fear of Old Age - The older we get the more susceptible we are to becoming ill or the feeling that we will no longer be attractive and desired. Some people age slowly and maintain their vitality of life, while others seemingly don’t age as well do to a number of influences such as a negative mindset, poor lifestyle choices, stress and the abuse of drugs. What are your goals for the latter part of your life? What age would you like to live to? Having a positive attitude toward aging will help you maintain your health and slow down the aging process. Let go of the fear of old age and enjoy every stage of your life. As Napoleon hill states in his book, “some of our most useful years, mentally and spiritually, are those in later life.”

  6. The Fear of Death - It’s easy to fear death because it is such a mystery. There is also much suffering and uncertainty associated with it. I was at the bedside with both of my parents when they peacefully passed from this existence. There was nothing scary about it. In my spiritual journey I have come to believe that death is just a transition to another realm of existence. Our souls are energy and Napoleon Hill points out what physicists already know, energy cannot be created or destroyed. So make peace with death and do not let the fear of it hold you back in life.

    There are other more specific fears, such as the fear of failure or the fear of flying, which are subset of these six major fears.

Mt. Rainier - Featuring Elli Yocochi - Photography by Paul Garrett

Mt. Rainier - Featuring Elli Yocochi - Photography by Paul Garrett

Overcoming Our Fears

It’s important to keep fear in perspective and to not let it control your life. Fear puts us into state of low vibration, which tends to attract additional problems into our lives it we let it go unchecked. When fear arises, become conscious of it. Ask yourself if it is real or not. Fear is information, it often tells us if we are out of alignment. Instead of letting fear control you, use it to propel you into actions that will raise you out of it and bring you back into alignment with your higher purpose. Do not allow fear to manifest into worry or doubt. Both of these feelings are thieves that can rob us of our motivation to take action toward our dreams. Mastering fear is part of mastering our minds. You are the author of your life. Take command of it. Be bold. Fear is natural and it can only control us if we allow it to do so. Be your own boss and rise up with courage. You owe it to yourself to live your best life!

Wishing you a fearless week,


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