Awakening to Your Sexual Pleasure - A Guest Blog by Haley Helveston


I discovered Haley Halveston on Instagram and was very impressed by her candid vulnerability regarding the topic of sexual pleasure. Sex is such an important topic for both women and men and it is critical for healthy relationships, and yet most of us do not fully understand how to truly have fulfilling sex lives.

Haley is a corporate dropout turned Holistic Health Coach. She realized thru a spiritual awakening that she was actually a Relationship Coach with an emphasis on sexuality. She used to really struggle with embracing her sexuality, and now works with women on embracing their sexuality and connecting with themselves. She really does believe that the world would be a better place if people were having healthier sexual relationships with other people and with themselves. 

I’m really happy to share Haley’s fresh voice and knowledge with the Total Soulful Journey community. Without further delay, let me present Haley in her own words.

- Paul

Haley Helveston - Holistic Health Coach

Haley Helveston - Holistic Health Coach

Awakening to Your Sexual Pleasure by Haley Helveston

It  was reported that ten percent of women in today's world have never experienced an orgasm. It was  also reported that 75% of women do not reach orgasm during intercourse. Those are startling, but not shocking statistics. We live in a society that is still very sexually repressed and the lack of education regarding the female orgasm does not help. Most of the sexual education that exists today in America stresses abstinence and does not mention pleasure at all. 

75% of women do not reach orgasm during intercourse.
— Haley Helveston

I grew up in a religious home in Birmingham, Alabama and the only thing I remember learning about sex is that it was for marriage and sinful if you were not married. I did not have my first sexual experience until college and I was under the influence of alcohol and it was very painful and a truly horrible experience. I wish I had known how to prepare myself for this first experience.

Know Your Body

At that time I knew nothing about my body. Today, I am really on a mission to empower women to make good and healthy choices. I want to educate women to learn about their bodies and know they deserve the right to pleasure just as much as their partners. It took me many years to learn my own body and how to experience satisfying sexual experiences. 


Many of my own personal problems included the medicine I was taking. I was on a birth control pill, an antidepressant pill, drank alcohol and I had a very high stress level. Through education and the work I have done on myself, I learned that these pills both affect libido and can at times totally eliminate sexual desire. I stopped drinking and removed myself from all pharmaceutical drugs.

I also found that meditation helped reduce my stress levels. That terrible feeling of failure that I experienced at the time, made me feel that something was wrong with me because I struggled to have an orgasm. I had so much shame and I remember my therapist telling me that nothing was "wrong" with me, I just needed to learn my own body.

So, for those women who are reading this and struggle to have an orgasm or have never experienced one at all, I want you to know that there is hope and you are not alone. I am able to have an orgasm now, and it feels so empowering.


Pleasure Comes From Within

Since I am the one giving myself the orgasm, I learned that my partner did not give me the pleasure, it comes from within.  We, as women, must awaken our sexual energy within ourselves. This is so much more that just sexuality. The is about the fact that your needs as a woman matter. I truly believe that how you behave in bed is how you are in life. So, if you do not speak up for your sexual needs, you most likely will not speak up for your financial, emotional or spiritual needs either. If you are disconnected sexually, you are disconnected from who you are as a woman. It is really a very essential part of who we are. Start small with a daily practice of self-pleasure and begin to learn your body. Touch and massage your body and learn what type of touch you like and do not like. This practice will help you to teach your partner what you want during sex.

If you desire to go deeper and learn more about this subject, I offer sessions in person with workshops, group coaching and one to one coaching. The best way to reach me is by email:

- Haley Helveston

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