Divine Timing & How We Co-Create With Spirit Through Faith

As humans we are often impatient and anxious about the future. We are uneasy with uncertainty because our egos are designed to be controlling to promote our survival. For our early ancestors long ago, this protected them from dangerous animals and other tribes who competed for resources and power. Fear, however, keeps us trapped in our lower chakras and separates us from God.

The Story of My Dream Home

A few years ago I had to sell my dream home as part of my divorce settlement. It was an amazing house for a family, but way more than I needed as a newly single person. My banker recommended an excellent realtor and my ex and I put our beautiful home on the market around the end of April. This was the perfect time to list a home and I did everything to make it and the garden emaculate. At the time I had no idea where I was going to move, which could have been very unsettling, but I adopted this mantra and recited it often, “My house will sell at the right time, to the right person, at the right price.”

Photography by Paul Garrett

Photography by Paul Garrett

During the month of May many people toured my house and were very positive about it. This continued through the summer, as well. By mid November my realtor said to me, “I’ve never had a home as nice as this receive so many compliments, but never receive even one offer.” He was totally dismayed because it made no sense at all. His conclusion was that we should find a new realtor. Also around this time one of my best friends called me and was thrilled that he had just purchased a new home that also had a guest house and he wanted me to stay there while we worked on a documentary film together.

Photography by Paul Garrett

Photography by Paul Garrett

Now the timing was right and the energy shifted. At Thanksgiving my ex and I met with another realtor and told her our story. I also shared my mantra with her and told her that the timing was right. She is a big believer in the Law of Attraction and she said to us, “I will sell your home so quickly that it will make your heads spin.” One week later we had an offer and our house was sold at the right time, to the right person, at the right price.

Photography by Paul Garrett

Photography by Paul Garrett

A New Mantra

Imagine the negative impact of the stress if I had needlessly worried for eight months about something that was of my control? Instead of freaking out I put my faith in a higher power, let go and rested in the belief that everything would work out in my favor. This fortified my faith like you wouldn’t believe. Now when anxiety starts to creep in I recite my new and favorite mantra, “Everything works out to my advantage in service of my highest greatest good.” Like you, I often face difficult trials that test my faith. That is the nature of life. Both good and bad come our way and how we respond to these situations sets us up to face grief or to receive piece of mind and blessings.

Your faith is a practice that will constantly be tested. This is what makes it stronger. There’s only so much that we can control in life, so surrender your problems, your anxiety and your desires to Spirit trusting that everything will work out to your advantage. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t make yourself sick trying to force your will. What is meant to be will be all in divine timing.

Wishing you peace,


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