The Power of Belief - Part 3: Faith in Something Bigger

Ponder for a moment what a miracle it is that you exist here and now on a beautiful planet in the middle of an infinite universe reading this blog on a smart phone or a computer, written by a person who may live on the other side of the world from you. It’s rather mind boggling, isn’t it? Now go inward and think about the ingenious complexity of your body… all of your organs, blood vessels, skin, bones, muscles, nerves and individual cells and how they make it possible for you to think and to move about… Can you see that you are a living miracle?

Life is an awe inspiring journey, and yet sometimes many of us are stripped of this feeling of wonder when we go through painful phases in our lives. As I suggested in part one of this series, having a strong belief in yourself can help you rise above most of the difficulties that come your way. There are devastating events beyond our control, however, that can throw us deeper into a crisis that may bring us to our knees. A sudden divorce, the loss of a job, or the death of a loved one can be incredibly painful, rob us of our hope and drown us in an ocean of grief.

Solitude lifts us up while isolation brings us down. Photography by Paul Garrett

Solitude lifts us up while isolation brings us down. Photography by Paul Garrett

If you’ve ever experienced hitting rock bottom or the dark night of the soul, you know how heavy and lonely life can become. Years and years ago an event shattered my world so badly that I could not sleep for five straight nights. It was at the bottom of this painful abyss that God (use the name that is most comfortable for you, God, the Universe, Spirit...) and I started a conversation that lifted me up and set me free upon a new spiritual path. Everyone has their own way of dealing with traumatic events and some who hit rock bottom experience intense anger toward God, asking how He could ever allow such a horrible thing to happen to them. Anger, however, is a natural part of the five stages of grief and loss. As healing takes place, I've seen victims become victors by drawing once again upon divine grace. Over time many come to appreciate that the worst thing that ever happened in their lives was really a gift in disguise because it transformed them into a stronger person and showed them their purpose. When we believe in a higher power, we have a place from which we can draw new hope, bright light and meaning. 

The Universe hears our prayers, it knows our wants and our desires, and it also understands exactly what we need to go through to become the greatest versions of ourselves. Just as diamonds are formed under intense heat and pressure, we too are strengthened as we face and conquer the most challenging events in our lives.

Faith is much like a muscle. The more we practice it, the stronger it becomes. As we open our eyes to the power of the divine, we begin to see how it works within our lives. By surrendering our worries, our fears, our will and our judgements, we can come to understand that everything happens for a reason. We also gain an appreciation of “divine timing” and why it is necessary for our transformation.

Here are 7 ways to strengthen your relationship with God:

  1. Believe in His power.
  2. Pray or meditate daily.
  3. Study spiritual books.
  4. Surrender your ego so that God can work in your life.
  5. Exercise and eat healthy foods to raise your vibration (your body is your temple).
  6. Practice gratitude daily.
  7. Spend time in nature.
Photography by Paul Garrett

Photography by Paul Garrett

You are a miracle and as we often say on this blog, you were born with a purpose. As you believe in yourself and in God, you will be strengthened, find clarity in your purpose, and come to know peace and happiness on a regular basis. If you are going through a difficult time in your life, have faith. Your life will get better as long as you believe that it will improve. After all, there is great power in belief!

With love and faith,


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