The Power of Belief - Part 2: How to Harness the Power of Belief to Improve Your Life

Our beliefs not only affect the outcome of our future, they also affect those around us in our intimate relationships, at work, with friends and with family. I grew up in a fantastic loving home, but being the baby of the family and the caboose, born 10 years after my sister, my parents and siblings did a lot for me including making my decisions. Of course they meant no harm and were simply trying to help me. It was only recently that I realized that those “nurturing” habits and tendencies that they had for me really created a dependency on other people for my well being, a fear of surviving on my own and a delay in finding my purpose. Sometimes life throws us curve balls that are out of our control, but with a strong belief that you deserve to live the life of your dreams and to become the best version of yourself, you realize that all things are possible. 

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The Law of Attraction

Nine years ago a friend gave me the book, "The Law of Attraction" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. After reading this book while I was on vacation, life suddenly began to make sense to me and I felt empowered. It was an aha moment. The Law of Attraction, as explained by Esther & Jerry, teaches how all things, wanted and unwanted are brought to you. Like attracts like and what you think you become. It was soon after finishing the book that I began my yoga journey and believed I was on my destined path in life. I read, and continue to read to this day, as much as possible in self help categories and I am pursuing my passions. By following and honoring my passions I found my purpose, which is to teach consciousness through awareness, acceptance and forgiveness. With this belief system in place all things are possible. 

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Here are Five Powerful Steps To Help You Harness the Power of Belief:

1. Start new positive daily habits (it is never too late) which include:

  • A daily gratitude journal
  • Mindful meditation
  • Physical movement
  • Apologizing and admitting to past mistakes
  • Making to do lists with some items that are easily achieved and crossed off and others that challenge us to grow and stretch

2. Understand that beliefs change as we grow. We let go of beliefs that hold us back and we adopt new beliefs that lead us on the path to inner growth and success.

3. Set your daily intentions and repeat those throughout the day.

4. Say NO to things that drain your spirit and your energy.

5. Accept the things you cannot change and think positively enacting the Law of Attraction.

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Dream really really big with the belief that you deserve all the greatness that you can imagine. If no one ever instilled this in you as a child, then here is your message now. Show up, work hard, and push through the difficulties as they arise. Wth determination and perseverance driving your beliefs, you create a life of joy, satisfaction, love and abundance.

Light and love,


Our series on "The Power of Belief" continues on Tuesday. In our next post we will explore the benefits of having "Faith in Something Bigger." Believing in a higher power can inspire us to overcome huge obstacles and achieve what otherwise seems impossible. Thanks so much to all of you who support our blog, have signed up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram! 

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