The Power of Belief - Part 4: “The Power To Heal”

Our beliefs have a power and influence over our health and our wellbeing. What we think can actually manifest in our bodies both good and bad. You probably know people who focus on their aches and pains, talking about them often as if they are part of who they are. For these individuals there is always something that is ailing them and they are happy to tell you about it. On the other hand, you may know individuals who are super positive and never seem to get sick. Even when they feel symptoms coming on they say, “no, I’m not going to get sick” and miraculously they don’t. 

Photography by Paul Garrett

Photography by Paul Garrett

The Placebo Effect

Doctors are very aware of the power of belief when it comes to healing through their studies of the placebo effect. When a patient is given a medication that they believe will help them, even though it is essentially a sugar pill or a saline injection, a significant percentage of these people experience a reduction in symptoms or become healthy again. The only explanation is that their minds believed so much in the cure that their bodies were empowered through belief to heal themselves. Dr. Lissa Ranken gives case studies regarding the placebo effect in her book, “Mind Over Medicine,” and she also talks about them in the following video:

The Nocebo Effect

The opposite of the placebo effect is the nocebo effect. An example of this is when a physician tells a patient that they only have three months to live and the patient believes them and dies within that time frame. This can also hold true in other ways. For example, patients who thought that they were receiving chemo therapy, even though it was an inert substance such as saline, have experienced loss of hair. Be very careful when you receive bad news from a physician because it can have a powerful influence over your chances for survival. Seek additional opinions from other doctors and take ownership over your well being. My father beat the odds by triumphing over three cancers for many years to fulfill his desire to live to ninety years of age. Through sheer will and determination, he was able to reach his goal and live his final years on his own terms.

Photography by Paul Garrett

Photography by Paul Garrett

The intention of this blog is not to place judgement on anyone, but to create awareness to empower you with hope and knowledge so that you can use the power of belief to live a healthy and happy life. I’ve seen this work with friends and family and since I’ve come to understand the power of my thoughts, I too have been able to live a healthier life. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and they usually do when we choose to live a healthy lifestyle that honors our mind, body and spiritual connections. Take ownership over your body, as well as your beliefs. Treat yourself with with love and compassion, eat fresh nutrient dense foods and develop positive lifestyle practices, which include getting plenty of sleep, having loving relationships, exercising and pursuing what makes you happy. 

Here’s to your health!


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