The Power of Vulnerability

We are all human and none of us are perfect. We all have flaws and fears. We also all possess the ability to love fiercely. What is it about vulnerability that scares us and makes us feel weak? Being Vulnerable means loving and accepting ourselves, admitting to times when we are wrong or make a mistake, accepting and acknowledging our weakness in order to grow, and forgiving ourselves and others. 

This quote speaks deeply to me. I truly believe we are attracted to qualities we posess, therefore by seeing someone's "weakness" we can relate because we too have weaknesses.

This quote speaks deeply to me. I truly believe we are attracted to qualities we posess, therefore by seeing someone's "weakness" we can relate because we too have weaknesses.

Most of us fear that if we reveal our authentic self that we will be rejected or judged. However, there is great courage in vulnerability. When we break down our walls and allow people to see both our good and bad sides, it opens the door to connection. When we are brave enough to expose our flaws, shed tears and expose our weaknesses, it allows for empathy, love, happiness and accountability with others. Vulnerability is the key to connection and emotional security. It makes us approachable and others are drawn to it.

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Many people are struggling with social media these days because there are many posts where the photos are professional and the yoga poses are perfectly orchestrated and taken in exotic locations. Good for them, but that is not a reality or a possibility for the majority of us. I recently posted on Instagram (please feel free to check out my page and friend me) about how daunting social media can be. I tried a difficult pose that was explained in a yoga challenge. What I realized by doing it is that yoga is all about vulnerability. We have to try new things, make mistakes, fall and get back up in order to learn and grow. I appreciate the posts the most where people are honest, show the 10 bloopers it took to actually achieve that beautiful pose and to take the time to actually teach others how to achieve it. This is being vulnerable and real. We can relate most when someone is not perfect. That being said, I still gain great inspiration from some of the perfect and beautiful posts as well, I just have a difficult time connecting with those people. 

What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.
— Brene Brown

Be YOU, everyone else is taken. Let's let go of ego and remove the masks that we wear to be someone we aren’t. When we expose all of ourselves there is nothing to hide from and everything to gain. Think about the power you will possess when you fully love and accept yourself exactly as you are. Repeat this mantra to yourself out loud in front of a mirror everyday:

I love and accept myself fully the way that I am

In addition, get comfortable with crying and expressing all of your emotions. They are part of being human.


Vulnerability is extremely important for relationships. We have to be completely honest and respectful of one another. Furthermore, when we are in a truly loving and nurturing relationship there is full acceptance for each other and therefore we do not have to fear making mistakes, crying, or allowing our partner to see our vulnerable sides. Sharing your vulnerability will actually make you stronger and closer, and as a result your connection will strengthen.


YOLO~ You only live once. So, open your heart and open your mind. Practice self love and acceptance. Be authentic and do not worry about what others think. If we wake up everyday and show up, being present and mindful, and trying to do our best, then no one can take that away from us or criticize us. We all need to let go of judgment, accept what is, love more, and forgive ourselves and others. When we do this the doors to freedom open wide. For me, I am vulnerable each time I open my heart and write a blog post, facilitate a yoga class and expose my own fears, but I know that this is my purpose and I am committed to being me, living my authentic life and growing into the best possible version of myself. 

Openly & Bravely,

Libby McAvoy

If you haven't already, it will be worth your time to watch Brene Brown's excellent TED Talk about "The Power of Vulnerability."

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