Why You Should Not Fear Death

I have two friends who passed and went to the other side before coming back into their bodies. They both experienced the most beautiful unconditional love and peace while they were on the other side. It was so wonderful there that they didn’t want to come back. They were both told, however, that it was not their time and then they were drawn back into their bodies. This experience had a profound effect upon both of their lives. Today they no longer fear death and they have an incredibly strong sense of purpose on this planet. As a result they live more fully than before and have a positive impact upon those who are blessed to know them.

Embrace the magical moments that life offers. Photography by Paul Garrett

In Libby’s last blog titled, "Live the Life You Love," she wrote about the fear of death and how it has a tendency to hold us back from fully living. This fear is so common and yet there are countless stories from people who have died and come back to life that the other side is a beautiful place that we should not fear. You see death is not the end. Instead it is a transition from this plane of existence to another dimension where our souls continue on their journey. I was with both of my parents when they passed away. Although it was sad saying goodbye, the process itself was very peaceful. I once wondered if it would be painful missing them after they were gone. The reality is that I feel their warm presence everyday and that is very comforting.

So live your life to the fullest extent and do not fear death because there is nothing to fear on the other side. You have an important purpose while you are here and it is your job to discover that purpose and use your God given talent to make this world a better place. There are many ways to do that and each of us has our own unique mission to fulfill. FEAR has been described as False Evidence Appearing Real. For the most part it isn’t real. It is just a product of our imaginations most of the time because we think and worry way too much about the future. Therefore, live fully in the present moment for it is all that we really have.

Life is incredibly light and beautiful when we let go of all fears. Photography by Paul Garrett

See if you can release your fears starting today. By letting go of the heavy dense energy of fear, you will feel lighter, happier and more energetic. In addition you will be able to manifest positive things into your life like never before. It's important for us to acknowledge and face our fears in order to release them. When we stuff our fears down or just plain ignore them, often they cause energy blocks that lead to other problems within us including disease. In his New York Times best selling book, "The Untethered Soul," Michael A. Singer writes at length about clearing trapped emotions and transmuting them through your heart. You can read my review of this book by clicking on its title above. 

Let’s give power to our courage and inspire each other to fearlessly live our very best lives!!

Wishing you happiness, great health and courage,


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