Why You Should Limit Sugar in Your Diet

How Much Sugar Should I Eat Per Day?

According to the World Health Organization, the average person should eat no more than 26 grams of sugar a day. That about equivalent to eating one regular size Hershey’s chocolate bar. The average American, however, eats around 91 grams of sugar a day so it is no wonder that obesity and type 2 diabetes have been on the rise

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Sugar is in so many foods that we eat these days. Take Green Machine by Naked Juice, for example. This beverage is seemingly healthy with its delicious combination of vegetable and fruit juices and yet one 8 ounce serving contains approximately 28 grams of sugar. That’s already one day’s allowance. Just for comparison sake, a 16 oz serving of Coke contains 52 grams of sugar.

If sugar tastes so good, why should we avoid over eating it? 

10 Negative Effects of Sugar

  1. May lead to type 2 diabetes

  2. May cause obesity

  3. May age your skin, cells and damage your blood vessels

  4. May cause inflammation

  5. May cause certain cancers

  6. May contribute to alzheimer’s disease

  7. May increase your chance of getting heart disease

  8. May cause tooth decay

  9. May become addictive

  10. May cause acne

Watch this video to learn more about sugar and what it does to our bodies:

How to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

  1. Read food labels

  2. Drink water instead of soda pop

  3. Reduce consumption of sweets and processed carbs

  4. Do not add sugar to your coffee

  5. Eat whole fruits rather than drinking fruit juice

Read food labels for nutrition and sugar content. Photography by Paul Garrett

Read food labels for nutrition and sugar content. Photography by Paul Garrett

My Weight Loss Story

Seven years ago I was 20 pounds over my optimal weight. I remember feeling energy swings and occasional brain fog back then. At that time I ate the typical American diet which included fast food, soda pop and plenty of processed foods and sweets. Once I made the decision to lose 20 pounds, it was easier than you might imagine. I stopped drinking soft drinks and greatly decrease my sugar intake from sweets and refined carbohydrates. I also lowered my consumption of meat and increase my intake of fruits and vegetables. On top of that I made sure to walk or run three to five miles a day. Within three months I lost twenty pounds, looked and felt younger and had more energy. Since then I have managed to keep the extra weight off with my new and healthier eating habits, and my commitment to daily exercise.

We Are What We Eat

What we eat either makes us healthy or it makes us unhealthy. If you want to have a long healthy life, it is vital for you to eat organic foods that are vitamin, mineral and antioxidant rich. And it is also important reduce your consumption of refined sugars and processed foods that have been stripped of nutrients. Other contributors to weight gain are stress and not getting enough sleep.

A balanced diet is an important part of a balanced and healthy life. Deprivation increases temptation, so learn to be balanced in your approach to eating. Enjoy the occasional sweet treat and drink, but be reasonable about how often you indulge. Sugar is a part of life, but don’t let it control you or make you sick. Your health is your wealth!

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