Just between us, let me share a current irritation of mine with you. Make yourself comfortable, enjoy your coffee and hopefully you will appreciate this rare rant from me, lol. For the past two and a half years I have been doing yoga, fitness and lifestyle photography for this blog and for my social media. During this time I have created a very nice client list and group of amazing yoga friends. This past week while I was doing more photo shoots in Seattle, I found out that another photographer has basically gone down my client list and privately contacted all of my friends so that he can shoot with them, as well.

In a big city like Seattle there are lots of yogis who need photos for their social media and there are plenty of opportunities for photographers to find and develop their own client lists without deliberately going after another photographer’s entire business. In my book stalking another photographer’s clients is unprofessional and it is not something that I would intentionally do. After shooting with my first client in Seattle, the majority of my customers have come to me from word of mouth referrals. If you do excellent work, you will get noticed and your client base will grow organically. Yes, on some occasions I reach out to people who I really admire and ask if they would like to do a photo shoot with me, but that is actually rare.

Seattle photo shoot with Morgan Zion.

Seattle photo shoot with Morgan Zion.

When the Ego Acts Up

We work hard to make a living and it is natural to protect what we have built up over the years through hard work and perseverance. It’s also normal for our egos to respond negatively to a perceived threat. When someone invades our territory, a natural response is to drive them out. On the other hand, competition can be a good thing because it motivates us to be more creative, to push our limits and to make major break throughs.

5 Benefits of Competition:

  1. It motivates us to do better.

  2. It forces us to try new and better ways of achieving success.

  3. It pushes us out of our comfort zones.

  4. It encourages innovation.

  5. It ultimately benefits the market place with higher quality goods and services.

Behind the scenes photo by Melissa Garrett.

Behind the scenes photo by Melissa Garrett.

The Greatest Rivalry of Our Time

One of the biggest rivalries of our times was between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. This friendly competition created two great tech companies, Apple and Microsoft, and spawned a whole host of new technologies and software that we all enjoy today. Without this rivalry who knows if the iPhone, the Xbox and other amazing products that we enjoy would exist today?

How Apple Outplayed Microsoft

Do you remember when PC’s dominated over Macs in the 1990’s? Apple struggled until Steve Jobs returned and spurred a new era of innovation. Battling head to head over computers seemed futile until Apple made a game changing pivot by innovating the iPod. By bringing music to a beautifully designed digital device, suddenly PC loyalists were also buying Macs, as well. Competition forced Apple to think outside of the “computer” box and their gamble payed off big time!!

Catching the final rays of light with Morgan Zion in Seattle. Photography by Paul Garrett

Catching the final rays of light with Morgan Zion in Seattle. Photography by Paul Garrett

Taking the High Road

When you are irritated by someone who is moving in on your market, you can take the high road and push yourself to new heights, or you can take the low road and get angry. Of course you have the right to voice your frustration if someone is playing unfair. What I have found in my life is that karma is real, however. Those who are unethical or don’t play fair stumble and fall sooner or later. To standout in this world we have to be original. We can’t just copy someone else and expect to get positive attention.

Create a New Game Plan

This past weekend I created a new game plan to rise above the competition. I choose to make peace with my frustration and let it power me forward rather than allowing it pull me backward into the mud. As Don Miguel Ruiz proclaimed in The Four Agreements, “always do your best!” Never shy away from competition for it can be a potent motivator that propels you toward becoming the greatest version of yourself. Be original and work hard toward your dreams and you will find real success!

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P.S. - While I was in Seattle, my partners and I manifested some amazing new opportunities for Total Soulful Journey. The universe has been bringing new partners into my life to fill special roles as Total Soulful Journey gets set to grow beyond a blog into a robust health and wellness website. I look forward to introducing my new partners to you soon. You will love these amazing powerhouse women!

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