Follow Your Arrow

Congratulations to those who know your purpose and path in life, you are the minority. My suggestion for the rest of us is to first declare what and where we ultimately want to go in life. Now, visualize a map with your starting point in the bottom left corner and your dream destination for life in the top right corner. We must know where we want to go in order to start traveling toward our ultimate goal. Hard work, practice, and perseverance are our “gas cards” so to speak. Knowing that we must spiral upward to achieve our greatest dreams. There will be some obstacles, maybe even road blocks along the way, but at least we are headed toward our destination now rather than feeling lost. 

Elli Yokochi - Photography by Paul Garrett

Elli Yokochi - Photography by Paul Garrett

For those few people who have already started your Total Soulful Journey, it can still a slippery slope. There are speed traps and cliffs along the way. We must be careful not to fall too deeply into life’s potholes by repeating mistakes or feeling stuck, but instead continuing forward momentum. We must all try to visualize the shortest path to get to where we want to go, and be careful not to walk in circles. 

Be mindful of time. Be mindful of actions. Each choice we make can pull us back or launch us forward. We all need to re-evaluate our mission from time to time. It is ok to change directions or take side trips, it is even ok to turn the “car” around and go back. 

Elli Yokochi - Photography by Paul Garrett

Elli Yokochi - Photography by Paul Garrett

My daughter, Morgan, just started undergraduate school at The University of Kentucky this fall. Morgan has wanted to be a Veterinarian since she was three years old. Choosing which school to attend was a big decision, the first in starting on the map toward success. But she has pulled her arrow and begun the process with positive momentum. As her parent, I accept that she too may need to re-evaluate and make adjustments along the way. I feel my role as a parent, this is all brand new to me, is to be aware of her direction, allow her to make her own decisions and comfort and encourage her. It is never easy all the time for any of us. But, I recognize my path as well as hers and ultimately I know our side trips together will always remain precious. We each have to learn to “do me” and let others “do them”. 

Life is a beautiful journey. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. Sometimes we are pulled back and then move forward. It is all ok. Just know everything happens exactly the way it is meant. Accept each moment as it is and have faith in what will be as you "follow your arrow wherever you go."

Happy Journeys,


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